En picknick från Cooks catering med hemlagad, närproducerad mat.

You'll be provided with an individual lunch box filled with delicious food from Cook's Catering. Coffee, tea and something sweet are also included.

Canoes & transport

Acron-kanoter intill träpiren vid Marieholms hamn

The canoes can be picked up at Marieholm's harbor and returned in Hillerstorp or as agreed upon. We offer both 2-seater and 3-seater canoes (3-seater suitable for 2 adults + 1 child).

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Cultural history

Karta över Marieholmskanalen med intressepunkter. Kulturhistoria, blandat med tips längs kanalen.

Take a break at the points of interest marked on the map. Flip the map and read a bit about the history of the canal.

Picnic paddling on
Marieholms Canal

Paddle, unwind, eat well & socialize...

Picnic paddling on the Marieholm Canal is a scenic canoe trip that includes food, snacks, equipment, and transportation. With a picnic lunch, snacks, coffee - yes, plenty of delicious treats from Cook's Catering - just paddle away. The canal stretches from Marieholm Bruk to Hillerstorp's harbor. Enjoy the silence, feel the tranquility, and experience the beautiful landscape.

  • Canoe with full equipment, food, snacks & transportation included.
  • Easily paddled and suitable for most.
  • Convenient to just head out. 
  • Combine nature experiences with cultural history.

Price: 450;-/vuxen, 350:-/barn (4-12)         
The price includes                                            
- Canoe, paddle, life jacket                         
- Lunch with a drink

- Coffee/tea with something sweet
- Transportation service                                   
- Map with points of interest

- Drybag

- Waterproof mobile case

- Fold-up seat pad

Time: ~4h incl. lunch- & fika stop

Distance: 9990m

Good to consider

- Bring water

- Boots for embark/disembark